Baby, It’s Cold Outside

And that’s just fine if you’re cozied up in your living room, watching Old Man Winter shake
his fist from outside the window. Not so fine if you’re cooling drinks on your radiator.
Hope everyone had a great holiday season. I spent Christmas doing “heat calls”, as in “I ain’t got heat”. Bah humbug.

It’s been a season for that sort of thing. I’ve replaced one furnace, about 300 feet of plumbing and pulled about 1000 cubic feet of air out of radiators. All in the name of spreading the love and heat around.

Whether you live in a townhouse, single family home or condo, not having heat is personal. With the former two, it’s your furnace. With the latter, it’s everybody’s boiler and hence, problem. Or more accurately put, where there’s one heat call, there’s a half dozen. You are never the only one lacking heat in a condo.

So we’ve had to develop a procedure to bring heat to the masses. Just like they did for vaccinations in elementary school: line up and wait your turn. Unlike a furnace where the solution is to repair or replace this or that, heat loss in a boiler plant may be the result of several factors. They may be conspiring together or operating independently.

A good furnace tech can usually diagnose the problem within 10 minutes. A good boiler tech may need to try a few things to find the culprit(s). People can become upset because, with a boiler, there is no magic wand and heat takes its own sweet time reaching the top floor.

Wishing you patience and sweaters during the cold spell.

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