In House or Out House?

Currently undergoing a kitchen remodeling, I am craving a home cooked meal. A Sunday roast beef dinner which I will pull from my brand new refrigerator and cook in my brand new oven—once they are purchased and installed. There won’t be any out-sourcing here, this will be done in-house.

Whether to out-source a task is a decision we are continuously making. Time management certainly factors into the calculation. We ship our printing and mailing to a very competent shop, not so much because I can’t stand the taste of envelope glue (which I can’t) but because stuffing envelopes isn’t the best use of our time. Our clients expect us to apply ourselves to more essential matters.

Yet time and convenience do not run the show. There are certain tasks which we see as requiring our personal attention—even if they can be out-sourced.

A Real Estate Disclosure Certificate is a document necessary for selling a townhome or condo. Some firms out-source their production. We do these in-house because we believe that accuracy is best ensured by direct oversight. And we have a buck-stops-here attitude.

Likewise with logging work orders or just plain answering questions. We aren’t Luddites but neither are we enamored with an over-weening reliance on technology. (“Please listen carefully as our menu options have changed.” “On a scale of 1 to 5, how well did this answer your question?”) Guilty as charged to being control freaks. But in the service of our clients, we believe that’s a good thing.