A President’s Day Salute

Even though the name never technically changed from Washington’s Birthday, Happy President’s Day to all you advocates of democracy.

While set aside as a day to celebrate and contemplate the occupants of the Oval Office, I wish to redirect acknowledgement to those who have served as chief executives of their homeowner community. The president is the most visible member of the Board of Directors and thus often enough flak-taker-in-chief for complaints and problems.

Management’s primary liaison with the Board and the community is the president. When we need advice or a sounding board or a command decision, we approach the president. Other Board members are as involved as they are (and we are fortunate to have quite a few who are quite so). The president by virtue of the office, is necessarily most involved.

Thus we love our presidents for their willingness to serve doubly: as a Board member and as CEO. We are grateful for the uncounted and unpaid hours they devote to their Association. We hope that, as Management, we have been of assistance sufficient that they would consider the office again at the next Annual Meeting.

Thank you for your service to your community.