Monthly Archives: September 2016


We still have until next week before the official conclusion of summer but c’mon, you know autumn is out there. A week ago, the sun set ten minutes later than today. September is the month wherein daylight diminishes most dramatically. (Six months earlier, March is its opposite.)

If you’re like my wife, you really mind this dying of the light (rage, rage). If you’re like me, less daylight is mostly an inconvenience in that it’s hard to see in the dark. Great time to check those photo-cells and timers on your outdoor lights. For my properties with hard-to-reach lighting this is the second time in the year I dispatch a firm to ensure everything is burning properly.

If you have a furnace, a test fire is a good idea now. You may also want to have it tuned but be prepared to stand in line. But doing so isn’t as inconvenient as a three-in-the-morning emergency call to Service Plus. Trust me, there is something disconcerting about seeing your breath inside your home. Most homeowners know to change the filter regularly but do your tenants know?

If your home has boiler heat as opposed to a forced air furnace, you are much less in control of when the heat starts coming. It’s usually a committee decision and usually precedes a nice warm Indian Summer by a few days. As boilers can’t just be flipped on and off like a furnace, expect to be uncomfortably warm until the weather drops into its 30-40 degree mode.

If you have an outdoor spigot, don’t be like me. Turn it off on the inside and ON on the outside. You don’t want to trap water that will freeze and split open that nice brass fixture.

Time to awaken the jackets and coats from their summer slumber. Time to dash about madly like squirrels, gathering our acorns for the underbelly of the year.