Monthly Archives: November 2015

4 RENT 4 U

Usually I don’t speak Twitter-ese but I couldn’t resist in this instance: too eye catching. Whether it be single family homes or within community associations, the rental market is a prominent presence. Here at Urbanwood we bring some unique advantages to our rental property clients.

For instance:

**The Twin Cities Metro area is our base of operation and area of knowledge, not just another franchise location.
**You will speak with an owner of our company every time you call or write. We are not only top of the food chain, we are the food chain.
**A real estate license is a requirement but we are also Realtors which, among other things, allows us to tap the Multiple Listing Service for its marketing advantages.
**We’re local and long-term. We have a combined total of over 32 years in management and I’ve had an active real estate license since 1991.
**As our client, we’ll know you by name and know your property. No additional identification required.

We must be doing something right. Of our current client portfolio, 75% have chosen to retain us for at least two years. And if your townhome or condo community retains Urbanwood as its management firm, consider the overlapping advantages of having us manage your individual unit.

We invite you to contact us to find out how we may be of service.