Monthly Archives: October 2015

What’s that Sound in the Basement?

I won’t strain your patience with clichés about crisp autumn days and long walks amongst brilliantly colored leaves, although I do love this time of year. “Crisp” will not be a way to describe the weather in a few months.

What’s great about this time of year is the return of the hot shower. After months of putting the soap to work immediately after toweling off, there is the pleasure of hot water, second only to the morning’s first cup of coffee.

In this month of Halloween, everyone loves a good Boo but not when it’s the water heater giving up the ghost. They do tend toward sudden death: honest, it was working fine yesterday. I hope no one ever shares my experience of coming downstairs (for that first cup of coffee) and wondering what is up with the sound of running water in the basement.

That’s the devilish thing about those appliances. They work until they don’t. You can potentially extend the lifespan by draining off a cup or two from the bottom tap once a month. This can help to siphon off sediment from the bottom of the tank. While you do this, take a couple seconds to feel the tank bottom for wetness. There is no cure for age, especially with a piece of metal holding water. And what did we learn in school? Water is the ultimate solvent.