Monthly Archives: July 2015

Freedom from Interaction

With Independence Day having come and gone, hopefully we’ve all taken time to ponder and appreciate our freedoms and rights.

Justice Louis Brandeis evinced a right to be left alone. And indeed, in the wake of a couple recent Supreme Court decisions rendering corporations as people, doesn’t it seem like some of them are invoking this right?

I’m not being churlish. I’m merely channeling Andy Rooney. Why do some firms make it so hard for you to connect initially to a person with a pulse? Do they want to be left alone? Endless buttons pushed on the phone until you arrive at the general voice mailbox. Websites crammed with links that, while they don’t exactly go nowhere…well, in truth dirt roads in the desert DO go somewhere, too.

And the FAQ section usually doesn’t have the A to the Q I have. Couldn’t I just talk to someone who could answer my Q?

My favorite companies—the ones I go out of my way to do business with—have a heavy and primary emphasis on human interaction. I don’t go hunting for service, either in the shop, on the phone or at the website. They don’t make me somersault through their system in order to accomplish what I came to do. In fact, they save me time by working for me instead of making me work to get to them.

They don’t want to be left alone.