Monthly Archives: April 2015

Spring has Sprung

April 1st marks the usual calendar beginning for lawn maintenance contracts for townhome and condominium communities. Two years ago, it was only about the calendar. Remember those April snows? Egad!

We Minnesotans can’t wait to kick on the shorts, kick off the shoes and wriggle our toes in that lush green turf. Even though this last winter was light-weight, it was still a Minnesota winter. We are rightly anxious to make full use of the three months of summer we do receive.

So where’s the irrigation guy? Why haven’t they picked up the lawn yet? I’m seeing weeds and bald patches all over the place!

The action commences in May. April may be pleasant and fine but you can still see those piles of snow in the corners of large parking lots. They’re telling us that it’s neither warm nor dry enough yet. Late May is a good time to evaluate the turf. The grass is in full-open growth mode, aided by the irrigation and first treatment of fertilizer and herbicide. By Memorial Day, if you’re seeing bald spots and weeds a-popping then it’s time to plan some intervention.

So here’s hoping you fire up the BBQ soon and have a chance to catch up on some barefoot croquet.

Welcome Spring!