Monthly Archives: February 2015

That ain’t Us!

Being both narcissistic and nosey, I like to peruse the web to see what it says about us. For the record, we are Urbanwood, Inc. Google just Urbanwood or Urban Wood and you’re likely to come upon some firm out of Ann Arbor which recycles dead boulevard trees into furniture.
For the record, we are a real estate brokerage which specializes in property management. I know this because I read the homepage on our website. So, one day I google Urbanwood Inc. The first five entries pertain to us accurately. The sixth for some odd reason has us listed at one of our clients’ addresses. No, we office in Minneapolis, not St. Paul. I think our homeowners would mind if we were officing out of their homes.
There’s a site out there  which claims we sell building materials, hardware and gardening supplies. Here is proof positive that you cannot believe everything you read on the web. Where do these people get their information? Thankfully we haven’t (yet) received any calls for pricing on a case of sheet metal screws.
Then there’s one which calls us a “nonclassifiable establishment” established in 2013. I beg to differ as we have plenty of class and we were established in 2005. And the street view has us around Lyndale Avenue and Diamond Lake Road. I can’t believe we moved and someone didn’t tell me.
If you’re seeking the genuine article, here we are: Been here since 2005, Kingfield neighborhood, South Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Hrumph!