Monthly Archives: October 2014

He Said, She Said, Hesiod

Forgive me for mentioning the great Greek poet. The title of this latest blurb just sounded too alliterative to resist.

But Hesiod was great on communicating and that is all too often a sore subject between client and management. Clients’ needs are simple: just please tell us what’s going on. To that Urbanwood errs on the side of disbursing too much information. If you’re a client, you’ll be hearing from us regarding anything of moment and in short order.

And we like to check in every once in a while to assure you that we’re still out there, running things in the background.

To our Common Interest Community clients especially, communication is key. Communication cannot be over-emphasized. It may seem like a third or fourth priority when projects or seasons are underway. However the simple basic task of speaking and listening takes first seat on our bus.

We want to know what you’re thinking. To that all E-mails gain our response within a couple days at most. If you dial our office number, chances are you’ll have a pleasant conversation with Susan. She is an owner of the company and quite effective at meeting needs and requests.

One thing I never tire of pointing out is that if you contact us, an owner of the company will be on the other end. There is no food chain to crawl up in order to get things done.

Hesiod was never great on talking about talking but he did write these words to his son: These days are a great blessing to men on earth; but the rest are changeable, luckless, and bring nothing. Everyone praises a different day but few know their nature.

How’s that for your daily dose of ancient Greek poetry? Words to consider.