Monthly Archives: September 2014

All Under One Roof

Part of what you rely upon a property management firm to provide is service vendors who can address any item which may confront the community and its members. From tax filing, to legal counsel, to physical plant maintenance, you need professionals to help you complete tasks and resolve issues. After over 30 combined years in the business, Susan and I have amassed a large list of service providers whom we can tap on your behalf. I date myself by saying that our Rolodex is fat.
All of our service vendors are independent contractors. Urbanwood has no employees save for Susan and myself. We have no subsidiaries and we are not owned by a holding company nor are we a rib in an umbrella corporation. And we like it just fine that way. We are control freaks. We believe this helps us maintain an autonomy which speaks to our clients’ best interest.
Some players in the industry tout their in-house maintenance staff or even title and insurance services. Everything at your fingertips. Convenience aside, is this relationship more beneficial to the client? I really don’t know. But just to be devil’s advocate, I quote Mitt Romney: “I like to fire people”. Well, I don’t really like to but I need to be able to if the service isn’t being delivered. I am very capable of doing this as I own Urbanwood and it has no in-house staff save for Susan and myself.
We don’t share revenue goals with a higher corporate entity. Thus we have no compunction about pulling the plug on a sub-standard performer. There’s nobody else under our roof…nobody who has to be hired. Do we have a list of favorites? But of course. And the vendors on this list are there because they have been thoroughly vetted and continue to offer high quality service. The corporate office doesn’t tell us who our maintenance team will be. We are the corporate office. Though good odds are that you’ll never see me in a suit.