Monthly Archives: June 2014

Smaller portfolios

The latest rage in the property management industry is for firms to thump their chests about how small and reasonable each manager’s portfolio is. A smaller portfolio equals more attention to the individual homeowner.  And doesn’t the client deserve the maximum amount of attention and care?  That’s a real “duh” question.

Yet five years ago, this wasn’t much of a marketing consideration at all, much less a modus operandi for the industry at large.  I stifle a chuckle here as either Susan and I are forward thinkers or we’re too slow to jump on board with the latest big thing. (I have no idea what the latest big thing was five years ago.)  The smaller portfolio concept is one of our founding principles.   Because, duh, the client deserves the maximum amount of attention and care.   And that means we have to be control freaks about task delegation.  And that means that Urbanwood is just Chuck and Susan.

Anyone who’s ever called our number and talked to Susan knows what a charmer she is. She is also a master of getting things done. Susan reports to no one, save her clients because she’s atop the food chain. She’s an owner of the company.

If you decide to contact Urbanwood, you will be talking to Susan. Prepare yourself for a pleasant conversation.