Monthly Archives: May 2014

When the lightning strikes

Okay, I know, this is the title of an old Aerosmith tune. And I happen to like those old boys from Boston.

Now that Minnesota has turned the corner from winter into spring, it’s time to prepare for the storm season. By no measure am I a meteorologist. I’m just a native who has survived a tornado or two. When the sirens go off, that means it’s time to find shelter and right now.

Best shelter is underground but if you don’t have that, any interior room will do on the ground level. In other words, stay away from upstairs and the perimeter walls of the building.

I have to thank my wife Susan for saving my tail one fine afternoon. I was on the U of M campus. When I left the library it was sunny and calm. Three blocks later the sky turned angry and green. I called her as the rain began to pelt, saying I’d drive home in a moment. Her response was: “Get your {expletive deleted} inside now!” I took her advice and holed up in Marriucci Arena. Honestly, folks a tornado does sound like a freight train.

I count myself as lucky. I married Susan 30 years ago and I didn’t undertake the foolishness to try and out run a tornado.

When the power goes out the first call you should make is to Xcel Energy: 1-800-895-1999. Xcel has a great system wherein they match your phone number with your address, hence your account. Of course we as management want to hear of this but Xcel should be your first call.

Welcome spring!