Monthly Archives: March 2014

You know who we are

You know who we are and we know who you are. And you know how to find us.

Call our number anytime during normal business hours and you will speak to an owner of the company. Or maybe, I’ll be talking to you via E-mail over the weekend. That is the personal service which we offer our clients. We specialize in the smaller common interest communities.

We recognize you by name. You’re not a number nor a log-in code. You’re people with us and you’ll always be so.

We distinguish ourselves from the big firms by being adaptable and able to fit your needs. Goodness gravy, one size does not fit all! Some communities want the prestige of being associated with large firms. And that’s okay. Personal tastes differ.

If you’ve grown tired of crawling up the ladder to get something done, may I ask how refreshing it may be to talk to an owner of your management company? Things happen, wishes are granted only because we’re committed to resolution . We are small and adaptable.
Please give us a call if you’re interested. 612-821-4877. Chuck and Susan would love to see if we can meet your needs.