Monthly Archives: September 2013

To Be of Counsel

“To be of counsel”:  this is the highest aspiration of Urbanwood.  Property management firms are often seen as an utility—something that does something for someone.  And while that’s correct, it’s only part of the picture.

I’m fond of saying that management does for people what people could do for themselves but choose not to.  There is some tongue in cheek here.  Certainly, we watch the people who cut your grass.  We prepare the annual budget, we write the correspondence.  These are all aspects of management service.

However, above and perhaps behind all this is the ability to be of counsel.  Having whys for the whats, understanding best practice, articulating sound rationale is quite important even if these dwell in the realm of the abstract.   A reason and a plan aren’t merely nice accoutrements for an association’s modus operandi.  They are, if you will, its mission statement.

When staging a play, the performance is one of the last items in the production.  As with a community association, the larger project is best undertaken only after thinking about it, which sometimes needs to come after thinking about thinking about it.

The real value- added benefit to professional management is its ability to assist in laying out the big picture—not to mention proselytizing on its behalf.  For your community, Urbanwood has an unique third party perspective.  And we have the expertise to apply that to the best interest of your community.